The Chocolate Project

The Chocolate Project

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  Welcome to the Resource Pathfinder on the wonderful

sweet we love to eat, chocolate. 

  Internet Resource

The Field Museum :  This website provides facts about how chocolate (cacao seeds) are grown, who discovered chocolate and other interesting uses of chocolate through the years. 

Cacao Farm Interactive :  Use the microscope and binoculars to learn about the animals and plants that live in harmony with the Cacao Trees.



SchoolCenter provides excellent facts about the entire process from the bean to this scrumptious treat.  Great video too!

    National Confectioners Association :  A great website for every "chocolate researcher".

Name that Candy Bar :  Take a break and have some fun.  How well do you know your candy bars!

SchoolCenter Picture  The Food Pyramid was Created by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Click on their website to learn about the importance of good nutrition.  Additional fun activities Coloring Sheets Worksheets

Tropical Rainforest :  The cacao tree grows naturally in tropical rainforest's.  This website provides excellent facts about this rainforest .

SchoolCenter PictureTimeline Maker:   If you need to make a timeline, this is the place to be.  Just click on the type of timeline you want to make and away you go.  Make sure you have all your research completed before you enter this website.

Ask for kids Images:   A great search engine to find pictures for any presentation.

Kids Health:   This website explains the parts of a nutrition label.  The Hershey Company provides information about seven of their candy bars.  Click here to see the ingredients found in these scrupulous candies.