Welcome to the Jr. High Spanish Homework Page.  Homework will be posted daily by 4:00 p.m.  It is your responsibility to check this page and to verify any additional information on the subject pages as necessary.
8th Grade

SEMANA: 8 octubre 2018

website: www.pearsonrealize.com
password: sjaspanish8

Each student has his/her own personal user id to use when accessing the website. The hw is posted to your "class" and you access it through the website.

There will be a vocabulary recognition quiz on Friday, 10/12/18 on the Chapter 3A vocabulary.

7th Grade

SEMANA: 8 octubre 2018

Padrecito part 4 vocabulary and questions due Friday, 10/12/18.  Questions are to be handed in - count as a QUIZ grade.

6th Grade

SEMANA: 8 octubre 2018

El Día de los Muertos Fiesta: 11/5/18

Read and highlight articles.