Science Fair Projects

In the library you will find these great information books:

Genetics and Evolution:  Science Fair Projectsby Robert Gardner  576.0 GAR

Organic Chemistry:  Science Fair Projects by Robert Gardner and Barbara Gardner Conklin 547.0 GAR

Plant Projects for Young Scientists by Salvatore Tocci  580.78 TOC                    

Earth's Cycles:  Green Science Projects About the Water Cycle, Photosynthesis, and More by Robert Gardner  507.8 GAR                       Environmental Science Fair Projects by Thomas R. Rybolt and Robert C. Mebane  507.8 RYB   Health Science Projects About Nutrition by Robert Gardner   612.39 GAR                    

Adventures with Biology:  Biology Experiments for Young People by Maurice Bleifeld  570.0 BLE                                                              

Ace Your Exercise and Nutrition Science Projects by Robert Gardner, Barbara Gardner Conklin and Salvatore Tocci  612.7 GAR             

Biology Projects for Young Scientists by Salvatore Tocci  570.0 TOC                        

Plant and Animal Science Fair Projects by Yael Calhourn.                                                     Health Science Projets About Heredity by Robert Gardner 575.5 GAR                                

Botany:  49 More Science Fair Projects by Robert L. Bonnet  507.8 BON                             Great Science Fair Projects by Marc Rosner  507.8 ROSS                                                     Guide to the Best Science Fair Projects by Janice VanCleave  507.8 VAN                        

365 More Simple Science Experiments with everyday materials by E. Richard Churchill, Louis V. Loeschnig and Muriel Mandell  507.8 CHU                                                          

Scientific American:  More Winning Science Fair Projects for grades 5-7 by Salvatore Tocci  507.8 TOC                                                        

Scientific American:  Everything YOu Need for Winning Science Fair Projects for Grades 5-7 by Bob Friedhoffer  507.8 FRI                          

100 Award-Winning Science Fair Projects by Glen Vecchione  507.8 VEC                      

Simple Experiments by Time Life.