Lemonade Stand



Welcome to the Lemonade Stand, a pathfinder created  

to help you find answer to questions you might have while starting a business, the business of selling lemonade.  This project is based on the book, The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies.




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This pathfinder has been developed and designed to work directly with the "Lemonade Stand" research project.  So grab some lemons and sugar, and let's make some lemonade! 

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One of the most important decisions your business will make is what type of lemonade you will sell!  There are powder mixes, frozen, pre-mixed and even for those ambitious entrepreneurs, homemade recipes!  The following websites will provide you will a few different ideas for your beverage.  Remember, this information must be kept confidential.  That means a secret, only your team is to know about! 


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Keywords:  lemonade, "concentrated lemonade", "powder lemonade", beverages, "frozen lemonade", lemons, sugar, "lemon concentrate"

 The websites below are recipes for different types of recipes:

Homemade recipes - If making your own lemonade is your strategy, check out these nice recipes:

SchoolCenter Picture Simply Recipes:  Provides a simple but "perfect" recipe.

SchoolCenter PictureSunkist:  Our Friends at Sunkistprovided some unique recipes.  They also provided the lemonade stands. 

SchoolCenter Picture  All Recipes:  This website provides a wonderful "old-fashion" recipe. 


SchoolCenter Picture C& H Sugar: This website provides six different recipes.  If you want to be a little different, this is the place to go! In the search key, type in lemonade.

  SchoolCenter Picture  Food network:  Paula Deen provides her take on the perfect glass of lemonade. 


Cafe Zoom:  A homemade recipe created by a kid. 

Click here for prices of ingredients to make lemonade and prices of powder and other mixes you can purchase at a grocery store.

Click on"GoogleDocs" for prices for ingredients to make various kinds of lemonade. Click here and away you go! 

 Will your business need to write checks?  Click here to see a sample of a check and how to write it.                     



Marketing your Lemonade Stand


These websites will help give you ideas on marketing your own lemonade stand.   

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Lemonade Printables here!

Door Handle Signs

Lemonade Stand Sign

Lemonade Banner


lemonade Flyer

Coloring Sheet

Coloring Sheet

Coloring Sheet

Sunkist flyers

Sunkist Price Sign

Folding Sign   


Great books located in our library which will help any new enterpreurer.  


 SchoolCenter Picture 650.1 BER Better Than Lemonade Stand!  Small Business Ideas for Kids  by Daryl Bernstein.


  SchoolCenter Picture 658.8 ARMHow to Turn Lemons into Money: a Child's Guide to  Economics by Louise Armstrong.


Picture Books: 


 SchoolCenter Picture  E BER  The Berenstain Bears on the Job




SchoolCenter Picture E SCA   What Do People Do All Day?