Countries Around the World

2499/p392801257_1456.png  Welcome to the "Countries Around the World" pathfinder.  This pathfinder has been developed as a starting point in your research of the fascinating features the countries around the world.  Click on a continent where your country is located and away you go!  



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SchoolCenter Picture 

 SchoolCenter Picture

Located on this page is general websites focusing on the many countries from each of the seven continents:  Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania.


Non-print Resources:

Atlapedia Online - You want facts, maps and statistics, check this website out!

BBC :  Historical figures from around the world.

  CIA: The Worldfact Book - Click on world fact book and away you go! Select a country and find great facts. You can also learn all about the Central Intelligence Agency. Cool website.

SchoolCenter Picture :  Once you understand the people who live in your country, explore this website!  It provides the ethnic costumes and textiles found throughout the world.


Country Studies - If facts are what you want, you are going to the right place. The Library of Congress provides facts about every country around the world. Using the pop up menu, select a country and go! (no pictures)

Flags from the World    

Multicultural Calendar - Search by Country and learn about the wonderful holidays celebrated around the world!

Traditional Costumes Around the World - You can find the traditional clothing worn in many countries. Continually updated.

World Atlas:   Provides maps, flags and facts and figures on every country!  

YAHOO for Kids:  Factfinder